9 Yardz - Let's go the Madisar Style

Madisar - an epitome of our Brahmin culture and tradition. A saree style that is mostly relegated to muhurtams and the elders in the families. In our story today, we present you a young entrepreneur striving to revive this iconic style by fusing designs and trendiness that appeals to the current generation.

Reviving the lost glory of handloom weaving and bringing back the trend of 9-yard sarees is now the mission of his life. V. Krishnamoorthy, a Chartered Accountant by academics, has found his passion in the handloom industry - a symbol of Indian culture and heritage.

"It all started two years ago when we started shopping for my cousin's wedding. We went to a popular silk shop and selected a few sarees. We could see the prices double the time from what we get from the weavers directly — 100 % profit margin for the sellers. Then we went on to handpick the sarees directly from the handlooms of Kanjivaram and other parts of Tamil Nadu. I realized that women in my family were not just knowledgeable about the fabric and the make, but also on the intricacies of the design and color. Since days of our great- grandfathers, we had the custom and tradition of buying sarees directly from the weavers. We had the privilege to order our own colour choices and designs. When my cousin's wedding happened, we got connected to our weavers again. Then the idea of starting 9 Yardz seeded in.", says Krishnamoorthy, Director of Hrudyaa AdConSer Pvt. Ltd., a business consulting company that has been in the industry for nearly 5+ years.

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9-yard saree is famously called onbathu gajam pudavai or madisar. Worn in a typical fashion by Brahmin women for all important events, rituals, and ceremonies, this tradition has been upheld for many centuries dating back to ancient India nearing 2nd Century BC. Though silk is the most preferred fabric for madisar, 9 Yardz could be the only place that exhibits so many varieties in silk and cotton.

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Amidst Krishnamoorthy's hectic professional practice, 9 Yardz is his only stress buster. Official travels that he often makes across the length and breadth of the country have helped him to connect with authentic weavers of the nation. Just two years in the market, Krishnamoorthy along with his business partner and aunt, Mrs. Krishna Sankar has gained in-depth knowledge about the history of weaving and handloom sector. He accredits his father for instilling the habit of learning in detail on whatever he does. He is happy that his mother has passed on the genes to love History as a subject from childhood. Mrs. Krishna Sankar has gained repute for her keen eye towards colours, design and fabric and is in charge of handpicking the designs according to the current trends and tastes of the customer.

9 Yardz houses sarees from 70 weavers across the country. Krishnamoorthy himself goes in person and handpicks every saree of the lot. There are no middlemen in their business. Be it Madurai Sungudi, Odisha Ikat, Lucknow Chinkankari or Andhra Kalamkari; he assures the authenticity of every piece that he sells. You even get the latest banana fiber sarees that is catching up the trend. They are made out of pseudostem of the banana plant. Though wholesale is not his cup of tea, he accepts bulk orders for weddings and other occasions. Prices are at least 20 to 30 % lesser than what you get in the shops of big brands. In spite of low-profit-margin, he is doing this only to support the livelihood of traditional handloom weavers and bringing it directly to his customers. He strives to keep the art alive. He is even working on releasing a documentary film capturing the lives of those weavers.

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Now that saree has become an occasional wear for the modern generation; we were keen to know what was his ray of hope to make profits in 9 yards. He laughed heartily before posing the question to us. "You say it’s occasional wear. But how many sarees do you have in your wardrobe?". He is quite confident about women and their love for sarees. "When Jhansi Rani was comfortable wearing a Nauvari to war, why would you think it is difficult to wear to an 8 to 5 Job?" asks Krishnamoorthy. He firmly believes that this Indian Identity will always thrive. What he worries is only the diminishing knowledge of the public about the weave, fabric, art and the ability to appreciate the workmanship involved in making each saree.

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He also talks about Madisar and its benefits at length. He says, "Not just in the Tamil Brahmin community, but wearing a Madisar has been a culture in many other Indian Communities too.
They are known by different names like Nauvari, Madisar, Koshavam, Kasta, Kachcha, Sakachcha, Lugada.
The actual length of a traditional saree is 9 yards. Only much later the 6 yards were introduced. Back then Asian women did not have the concept of undergarments. This madisar style was perfect to suit a women's body and posture. Even Srilankan women tied a 9-yard saree but in a slightly different manner. "

He continues to talk about how the draping style adds significance to women's health. "Our ancestors hardly had any miscarriage or infertility problems. But now we all know the raising counts of such cases. And also they put a tight knot around the hip which firmly presses their hip and backbone like an orthopedic hip belt protecting their back. They wear it especially during the vrathams because it helps them from feeling hungry or thirsty. We have science behind whatever was said and practiced."

Madisar cushions a woman's uterus and acts as a shock absorber.

9 Yardz is spreading its name and fame only through word of mouth. There are around 7000 followers gathered organically on their Facebook page. Though started with the aim of running the business only online, very soon Krishnamoorthy wanted to open a place as a touch and feel center for their customers. A simple setup at T. Nagar South Boag Road promises us a varied collection. Saree that is handed over in a cloth bag with a beautiful hand-painted logo on it will not just be an addition to your wardrobe but also a memory for a lifetime.

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